Up And Over Canopy Garage Door

The traditionl manual garage door
Canopy Garage Door

The Most Installed Manual Garage Door In The UK

A striaght forword design that has stood the test of time, with millions of doors installed across the UK this is the most popular garage door in the market place today. The door runs vertically in side tracks and is supported by two lifting cables one on either side, is lifted easily with the help of a spring ballance unit which is normally fitted across the top of the door frame. Modern doors and have a anti drop mechinisum which stops the door from falling down in the event of of a cable or spring failure. It get's its name "Canopy" because it protrudes outside of the frame when open and forms a canopy in front of the garage. It is best suited as a manual garage door and can be installed into an existing timber frame or can be supplied pre-installed onto it's own steel frame. Existing doors are not normally suited for automation.