Garage Doors

We are specialist suppliers and installers of all types and styles of garage doors throughout Norfolk & Suffolk.
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Up And Over Garage Door Designs

Up And Over

The most talked about garage door

These are two types, canopy garage doors (trackless canopy) which forms a conopy when open and retractable garage doors (tracked or slideaway) which goes futher back into the garage.

Sectional Garage Doors


Robust and secure, the ultimate door

Sectional overhead garage doors open and close in seperate individual panel sections, operating vertically without any swing out from the structural opening and tracking mechanism.

Roller Garage Roor


Space saving and todays popular choice.

Roller garage doors are consructed with Individual slats that roll up and down.
Some manufacturers produce a roller shutter constructed from a continuous steel 'curtain',

Side-hinged garage doors

Side Hinged

The Traditional garage doors.

Stylish garage doors which are side-hinged, open out as a pair and are suitable for manual or automatic opertion, the nation's favourite garage door, with many styes available.