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Automatic Sliding Gate Installers

Automatic Sliding Gates

We are specialist suppliers and installers of automatic sliding gates.

Sliding Gate Systems are the most secure automatic gate systems available, due to their operation and positioning, when closed they are almost impossible to open. The gates are held in place by the tracking system, drive motor, and other features of the installation, they resist being forced sideways except by extreme force.

Sliding Gates normally run backward and forwards on wheels along a level horizontal beam fitted with a track. The motor drives the gate using a rack and pinion mechanism on the gate, powered by a cog at low level on the gate motor. This configuration however does require that the ground is relatively level and that a steel beam can be sunk into the ground the full length of the gate in both the open and closed positions. Any sliding gate requires it to slide at least its own width either side of the opening, also taking into account the width of the motor (usually around 300 mm).

Automatic Timber Sliding Gate

Automatic Timber Sliding Gate

Using low voltage electro mechanical motors.

Sliding timber clad gate driven by low voltage elecro mechanical motor. Operation by remote control and key pad impulse to open inpulse to close with emergency stop, safety maintained by using single photo cell combined with force limitation.

Automatic Steel Sliding Gate

Automatic Steel Sliding gate

Using low voltage electro mechanical motor.

Sliding galvenised steel gate driven by low voltage elecro mechanical motor. Operation by remote control impulse to open inpulse to close with emergency stop, safety maintained by using single photo cell combined with force limitation.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates offer a great alternative to swing gates. Perhaps you prefer sliding gates, or it could be the layout of your property would benefit from a sliding gate as an alternative.

You might need a sliding gate if your entrance has:

Limited room for swing gate wings to open in, compromising possible parking space.

Turns sharply left or right and a swinging gate would create an obstruction to the turning vehicle.

Is on a steep upward incline preventing a swing gate wing from opening up the drive.

Sliding gate designs can replicate those of swinging gates, giving the illusion of being a pair when closed.

They can be made to the same standard designs and from the same materials as swing gates.

Sliding gates do offer you the advantage of being able to fit where a traditional swing gate wouldn’t, offering you nearly the same aesthetic and security advantages. Indeed a sliding gate is often more secure once locked as the gates weak points are usually less accessible and the single structure design ensures additional prevention from the gate being driven into.