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Automatic Gate Installers

Automatic Gates

We are specialist suppliers and installers of all types and styles of automatic gates, throughout Norfolk & Suffolk.
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Timber Swing Gate

Swing Gates

Our most popular timber gate.

Gates which are hinged on pillars or posts are called swing gates. They can be opened inward or outward. Swing gates are automated using and either underground or a pillar mounted (overground) systems.

Automatic Sliding Gate

Sliding Gates

 Extremely secure and reliable.

Sliding tracked gates offer an extremely secure and reliable method of controlling the entrance to your property. As with our swing gates, we offer many operating and control options to ensure the system is suitable and safe for your family and pets.

Automatic Sliding Cantilever Gate

Cantilever Gates

The ultimate gate.

Cantilever gates maximise space usage, require no ground track to function and are ideal for site situations where slopes, cambers or rough ground exist that would prove difficult with the use of a ground track.

Automatic Gate Installations

“A nice set of gates will enhance the front of your property,
whilst offering you convenience and security at the same time.”

There are many things to consider when thinking about installing a gate and automation. The first thing has to be the look of the gate itself. We can supply gates in hardwood or softwood, steel and aluminium.

Steel gates are very suitable to automate, as they don’t catch any wind and are very stable, although they don’t stop prying eyes. Therefore choosing the correct material is an important choice.

Tanalised softwood gives great value for money where as hardwood can be expensive, although hard wood gates such as Iroko, Sapele and Cedar do look superior to softwood.

As all our gates are bespoke we can accommodate all your requirements.

Automation is tailored to you and the system specified for your needs. Again there is quite a few things to think about and we are here to point you in the right direction.

Let us help you get started as we have many years of real experience and will be delighted to help you along the way.

A few simple questions normally helps us to help you.

Where do you want to start?

What are your reasons for automating your gates? Security? Convenience? Privacy? Keeping your pets and family safe?

What style do you prefer? How would you like the gates to operate? Remote controls go without saying but would you like them closed all day? Or would you prefer to leave them open during the day? Do you want them to automatically close? Do you want a timer installed to control access?

Access control options. There are many ways of actually opening the gate depending on the level of security that you require.

Do you require an intercom system so that you can identify visitors before opening the gate? With the current mobile phone technology and GPS technology we can have the gate call your mobile so you can speak to your visitors even when you aren’t home, you can even open the gate if required.

We use Nice for our automation systems, we have done so for many years, we find them extremely reliable.

Nice make highly advanced and reliable low voltage electromechanical systems so there is always a system to suit your gates. Most of all in association with Nice we make sure your system is safe for you your family and pets.